XuGong Folding Quad-Copter

Every FPV pilot has dreamed of a setup they can literally throw in a bag and take to exotic & exciting locations without putting their back out lugging flight cases around or dangling a fragile quad-copter from their back-pack; but the reality is most smaller craft (albeit planes or multi-rotors) tend to be a little skittish and not generally suited to recording decent aerial footage.

ImmersionRC has come to the table with a possible solution: The XuGong folding quad-copter which is in essence a traditional X configuration quad-copter but each arm is hinged in the middle allowing it to fold back on its self so all of the motors can retreat to the centre of the craft for convenient transport.


The main section of the Xu-Gong is a CNC’ed aluminium “X shape” with bushed pivot hinges at each tip where the folding arms are attached which all have a locking mechanism to keep them in the correct position once deployed. It is also designed to work with DJI components meaning the ARTF kits that include the DJI 2212 motors, 20 or 30A opto ESC’s and 1038 props would be the perfect “cherry on the top” for this kit.

ImmersionRC quotes a deployment time of 20 seconds (to unfold & lock the arms) and also proudly declare a full built Xu-Gong quad-copter can fit inside a standard shoebox which is fairly impressive (even a teeny DJI F350 can’t fit inside a shoebox!).

My personal concern was that this frame would be susceptible to vibrations which would seriously affect video quality: partially due to the materials used but mainly due to the fact it has moving parts however ImmersionRC state they have taken every step possible to supress vibrations and furthermore Lumenier have already proven how good aluminium frames can be with their QAV series.

For more details please visit: http://www.immersionrc.com/product-details.php?fpv_product=30&fpv_product_name=XuGong-8


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