UK First successful prosecution of an FPV Pilot

I suppose we all knew it was inevitable, one unlucky soul would be made an example of and an unfortunate precedent set for everybody else.

Robbie Knowles has been successfully prosecuted by the CAA and handed a hefty fine after his craft lost contract and headed into protected air-space.

Robbie was flying his fixed wing FPV craft near the Walney Channel; Hew flew out of RC range and the auto-pilot system (APM 2.5) cut in and kept the craft level but at the same time the throttle was still open so it continued traveling in a near perfect straight line.

Most people would think that was a lucky escape, much preferable to a smashed up air-frame but alas the plane was pointed towards a BAE nuclear submarine testing facility which as a result was covered by a pretty strict no-fly zone!

Being a generally responsible pilot Robbie and affixed his contact details to his plane but in this occasion that came back to seriously bite him because his plane was spotted extremely close to the BAE facility and as a result the CAA were contacted and the plane was seized as evidence.

After examining the video footage they decided to seek to prosecute Mr Knowles, he was tried at the Furness and District Magistrate Court and found guilty; then fined £800 and a further £3,500 in costs.

Robbie has told local media that this incident may even render him bankrupt but he has gathered support on a popular FPV forum  ( where many members have offered to even help finance his legal battle and even the notorious Trappy (who recently fought a court battle with the FAA in the US) has offered his advice and support.

We’ve uploaded the video of the fateful flight if you’d like to see it:


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