ImmersionRC NexWaveRF UNO2400 Finally Released – With a Twist!

IMG_3166-1-001We have been waiting a year if not two for the release of the NexWaveRF range of 2.4ghz transmitters and receivers; the transmitters started shipping last month, the goggle modules started shipping last week and the UNO (sealed) version started shipping today and ImmersionRC have announced that they will be offering an ‘Unfiltered’ (pro) version.

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Mobius to GoPro Form Factor Conversion

61696The introduction of the Mobius Action Camera ushered in a new expectation of FPV and general RC video quality that prior to that had been only with-in the grasp of those who had plenty of cash to splash; however while the video quality of the Mobius is on-par with the higher priced entry-level GoPro 3 White unlike the GoPro options for using your Mobius with a Gimbal have been few and far between, normally involving lots of custom building and questionable results.

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ImmersionRC 2.4Ghz NexWaveRF is here..

nexwave24..Well its nearly here, ImmersionRC have announced that their next generation of 2.4ghz video transmitters will be shipping soon. I’m not sure if that’s an ImmersionRC ‘soon’ or a normal persons soon but we’re exited none the less!

There is also talk of new higher sensitivity NexWaveRF receiver modules for the FatShark range of goggles along with new 2.4ghz UNO and DUO receivers. Continue reading

Which video frequency?

This can be quite a complex decision to make as there are five very popular video frequncies to chose from each have their pro’s on con’s when it comes to range, image quality, cost and legality in your country.

vtxRecent improvements in microwave RF technologies have brought forth affordable low power video systems with astonishing performance!

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