What you need to race drones……

With the drone racing hobby growing at a crazy rate, there are a lot of new comers looking to get started racing. This is a guide of what you need to race drones. I will try and keep all parts and links up to date as new components are released.

Quad: drone_rules Probably the most difficult choice in droneracing is deciding which race quad you would like to fly. There is a huge variety of choices and everyone has their favourite. A great starting point for a beginner is the trusted ZMR. It is an oldie, but it still holds up well to newer frames. The ZMR is cheap but robust and spares and upgrades are readily available, which is a key factor if you want to race.
For the more seasoned pilots who want a dedicated racing frame, the TSX by Stanton Frames and the Shrike by xLabs are two of the most popular frames ive seen on the race circuit.
A frame this is getting a lot of love for new comers at the moment is the Eachine Wizard, as it come with most of the things you need.

Click for ZMR Frame
Click for Stanton Frames
Click for xLabs
Click for Eachine Wizard

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Quad-Copters With Redundancy?

quad-redundancyWhile Quad-Copters remain one of the most popular and best value for money configurations when it comes to multi-copter builds they are also the most susceptible to “single point of failure” because currently no main-stream multi-copter flight controllers allow a quad-copter to fly on less than four propellers.

The redundancy features of a multi-copter aren’t such an issue for your hobbyist who is likely to be flying over a large empty field so the risk of injury or damage to property is very slim. However when it comes to commercial applications these craft will need proven fail-safes and redundancy to prevent members of the public being injured or their property being damaged.

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XuGong Folding Quad-Copter

Every FPV pilot has dreamed of a setup they can literally throw in a bag and take to exotic & exciting locations without putting their back out lugging flight cases around or dangling a fragile quad-copter from their back-pack; but the reality is most smaller craft (albeit planes or multi-rotors) tend to be a little skittish and not generally suited to recording decent aerial footage.

ImmersionRC has come to the table with a possible solution: The XuGong folding quad-copter which is in essence a traditional X configuration quad-copter but each arm is hinged in the middle allowing it to fold back on its self so all of the motors can retreat to the centre of the craft for convenient transport.

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