EFPV Antenna Tracker – Working Prototype

efpv_logoWe recently met the lads from Everything FPV at a local meet where we interviewed them about their new concept antenna tracker and now the EFPV lads have done it: Their concept antenna tracker system has become a proven product, there is no cast iron release date but we will definitely be listening with bated breath.

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EFPV & Their Concept Antenna Tracker

efpv_logoWe got the chance to speak to Rory from Everything FPV about their new antenna tracker product which is currently in a prototype stage.

The unit is uniquely constructed from CNC’ed polyurethane and is using tried & tested technology licensed directly from servo-city along with a super smooth load-bearing main bearing and internal slip ring allowing for restriction free wiring between your video receiver(s) and goggles/screen.


Here is our interview with Rory:

And here is the tracker in action:

eFPV’s Home Page : http://www.efpv.co.uk