Phantom Vision Brushless Gimbal

The recent release of the DJI Phantom Vision had caused a bit of a stir amongst the serious hobbyists and FPV pilots: while its a great solution for someone looking to take their first steps into aerial photography or FPV its not really ticking all of the boxes for the more serious users who demand a brushless gimbal and due to the WIFI downlink for video (DJI have elected to use a 5.8Ghz RC system) means using traditional 2.4Ghz RC system could limit the range of the WIFI and there is no simple way to get a live video output for goggles or a larger screen.

You might think “Well why not just use an original Phantom and fit a Zenmuse H3-2D?”; Well many of us do already own a Phantom with a  brushless gimbal and they are fantastic apart from one major drawback which is the battery life is pretty bad, especially with the extra weight a gimbal (Flight times are around the 7 minute mark and there isn’t really sufficient space to install a bigger battery) whereas the Phantom v2 employs a unique 5000mAH battery (over twice the capacity of the original phantom) and can offer flight times in excess of 20 minutes which is streets ahead!

A company called have come along and at least addressed one of the issues by releasing a plug and play brushless gimbal system for the phantom vision.


This brusless Vision gimbal is an highly stabilized 2-axis gimbal, especially suitable for the DJI Vision. With his high precision, high stability and light weight this gimbal ensures you of perfect smooth/stabel pictures. Even when flying fast this gimbal can keep control over the Vision camera with the best quality results. Unlike other gimbals, this gimbal is really easy to install on the DJI Vision. Even after flying with the gimbal you can easely remove the gimbal for use of an other mount (like an 360 panorama mount or RX100 mount etc.). This DJI vision Gimbal uses the camera of

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