The NEW Spektrum DX6

dx6The recent influx of feature rich budget transmitters from the likes of Turnigy and FrSky has obviously pushed Spektrum to “up their game” so the DX6i has finally been replaced with an all-new 6-channel transmitter and just like its bigger brothers its looking rather swish; it’s also sporting a myriad of new features (some that will aid FPV & Multi-rotor pilots) many borrowed from the new DX9 and DX18.

At the top of the list of new features are:

  • A redesigned black finished case with rubberised grips.
  • Programmable voice alerts.
  • 250 Model memory.
  • A higher resolution LCD display which is also now back-lit.
  • Sail-plane programming (in addition to Helicopter and Fixed-wing).
  • Wireless Trainer Link.
  • The addition of a 3-way switch.
  • An SD-Card slot to allow you to back-up and transfer your models as well as upgrade your transmitter.

dx6_switchesIt would also appear Spektrum have continued with the new approach of now just labelling the switches with a letter rather than a function (Just like Futaba and FrSky) so un-like the out-going DX6i you can now assign a switch to any channel/function you please.

Great for FPV & Multi-rotors

The new 3-way switch is great for anyone who is getting into multi-rotors or FPV, it will allow you to use flight controllers with three distinct modes (such as the Naza-M) without the need to setup some crazy mixes. The voice alerts are brilliant for when you’re immersed in your goggles and you want to be 100% you’ve hit the right switch.

RRP: $230USD (£140GBP)

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