Mobius to GoPro Form Factor Conversion

61696The introduction of the Mobius Action Camera ushered in a new expectation of FPV and general RC video quality that prior to that had been only with-in the grasp of those who had plenty of cash to splash; however while the video quality of the Mobius is on-par with the higher priced entry-level GoPro 3 White unlike the GoPro options for using your Mobius with a Gimbal have been few and far between, normally involving lots of custom building and questionable results.

The Solution was clear, Make an adapter case to convert the Mobius to fit the size and layout of a GoPro. This conversion lets you use your Mobius with many already available products such as gimbals and FPV pan and tilt systems.

The Mobius to GoPro conversion Kit is a complete new case that reuses the buttons and heatsink, and includes the required plug in ribbon cable for the lens relocation. The New case has full port and LED indicator holes so no functionality is lost.

If you have a Mobius and have been looking at GoPro gimbals or the other way around and damage you’re GoPro and have a gimbal but are hesitating buying a new GoPro. This Conversion case is the answer!!


  • Strong composite construction
  • Allows the Mobius to be used in a GoPro specific gimbal
  • No functionality is lost
  • Reuses the Mobius heatsink and buttons
  • Includes all necessary hardware and ribbon cable


Size: 59.5×40.9×20.6 (Same as a GoPro Hero 3 series)

*Note: This is just the case you will still need a Mobius A or B lens for the conversion


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