Fat Shark Dominator HD & V2 Models Confirmed

fatshark1Well its now officially, official! There will be a new (eagerly awaited) HD version of the Fat Shark dominators and also an upgraded standard definition “Version 2” available this spring!

18th July 2014 Update: FatShark have said “DominatorHD’s regular production has finally started (not pilot run). Quantities will be limited for next few months as backorders are filled and production ramps up.” – This means pre-orders should be getting fulfilled very soon!

To find out who’s stocking the V2 and HD Dominators please follow this link: http://www.ifpv.co.uk/fatshark-dominator-hd-v2-pre-orders/

What’s new I hear you cry? The head-lined features will include an increased image resolution and field-of-view (on the HD version), the colour of the main body has been  changed from black to white which not only looks great is also very practical as it will help prevent them from over-heating on hot sunny days (which was very common) and finally <drum-roll> there is to be an integrated DVR (on both versions) so you can record your flights, which is a god send for finding lost models!.


But its not really HD… is it?

Ok so the new Dominator HD’s are not going to offer the ability to display full-resolution 720p or 1080p HD footage but the step up from VGA (640×480) to SVGA (800×600) is a relatively big step and it WILL be very noticeable! In simple terms you’ll be seeing over 170 thousand extra pixels (A 36% increase in detail) which combined with the wider field-of-view equates to a far more immersive experience.

Interestingly enough HD video is considered to be anything with more than 480 horizontal lines (in the US) or more than 576 horizontal lines (in Europe) so “technically” the new goggles are even displaying video that could be classed as “HD”.

Both versions will however have an HDMI input so you can use Digital HD sources (albeit down-scaled) such as games consoles and video cameras.

Its also been suggested that a new multi-band receiver will be introduced (to compete with the offerings from SkyZone & Boscam) but its un-clear yet if this is to be a joint venture with ImmersionRC.

fatshark_display_comparison21st July 2014 Update: FatShark have released a comparison (right) of each of the standard definition goggles, they state: “Here is a comprehensive goggle comparison generated by our headset test fixture. The camera/transmitter was fixed as was the camera settings in the HD USB camera. Colors may have some variation because headset display settings were not adjusted however the relative size, distortion and clarity are accurately captured.”

Features in summary:

  • FOV (field of view): 45 degrees diagonal
  • Resolution: 800×600 (on the HD model), 640×480 (on the V2 Model)
  • Glass optics (binocular 8p direct view optical engine)
  • Interpupillary (IPD) distance: 57 to 73 mm (adjustable)
  • Optional diopter lens inserts (not included) : -2, -4, -6 dpt
  • Audio: Stereo
  • Power supply: 7 – 13 V (2S/3S supply)
  • Power consumption (@7.4V nominal): 350mA wireless mode; 200mA direct mode (no RX)
  • DVR: MicroSD support to 32Gb,Upgradeable via SD card
    Record rate: 6Mbps
    MJPG compression, 30 fps, AVI
  • Weight: 200g


  • 3.5mm AV in/out port
  • Power in port
  • 3.5mm 3p earphone port
  • MiniDIN4 data port (head tracking)
  • MicroSD
  • MiniHDMI
  • RF module port


  • 1 x Dominator HD Goggles
  • 1 x Video glasses carry case
  • 1 x Cable set
  • 1 x Manual

Optional Accessories (not included):

  • Optional diopter lens inserts: -2, -4, -6 dpt
  • FatShark Lipoly battery to power goggles
  • Trinity 3 axis head tracker module
  • 43 channel RF Module support over 6 bands (1.3, 2.4, 5.8 GHz)

The RRP is $550USD

And finally, here is an example of the DVR footage that was recently posted on the fatsharkRC YouTube channel (PLEASE NOTE the DVR records in 320×240):

The footage isn’t fantastic, but then again it doesn’t need to be! Its main purpose is to allow you to review your footage in the event of a problem or the loss of a model.

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