DJI Zenmuse H3-3D GoPro Hero Connector Upgrade

goodluckbuy_hero_connectorIt does seem apparent that people are still miffed and upset about the introduction of the flimsy USB ribbon cable on the recently released DJI H3-3D gimbal and many had even sacrificed an old H3-2D so they could salvage the original Hero connector and use that on their new H3-3D gimbal to save having the inevitable “broken ribbon cable in the field” issue.

Several Chinese retailers have come to the rescue by releasing the original Hero connector as a replacement part that can be fitted to your existing H3-3D gimbal allowing you to simply fit your GoPro and forget. The other obvious benefit is you no longer have to un-plug that flimsy USB connector & ribbon cable to access the SD-Card slot or of course use the USB connector.

We have obtained one of these connectors from the online retailer GoodLuckBuy and we thought we’d put it to the test and give you a quick guide on how to fit one of these connector to your own H3-3D gimbal.

Important note to GoPro Hero 4 owners: The Hero 4 units do not appear to support composite video-out on the Hero port (currently anyway) so this mod will not work with Hero 4 models and you should stick with the USB ribbon cable. We have no idea if this can or will be addressed in future GoPro firmware updates; only time will tell.

Step 1 – Remove the H3-3D Sticker to reveal the ribbon connector.

h3-3d-connector-part1 h3-3d-connector-part2

Step 2 – Release the Ribbon connector by carefully lifting up the little black locking tab and then remove it.


Step 3 – Remove the two cross-head screws on the rear that secure the alloy blanking plate and then remove the alloy blanking plate which will reveal the mounting points for the new connector.
(Put the blanking plate to one side as you will need it later).


Step 4 – Loosen the four cross-head screws on the front of the plate approximately 2 turns (this is required to give enough space to slot the new connector onto its mounting points).


Step 5 – Carefully slot the new connector into its mounting points while checking that the ribbon cable is fed out of the back without being crushed.
Step 6 – Now you can re-tighten the four cross-head screws you loosened in Step 5.


Step 7 – Fold the ribbon connector into an ‘S’ shape and pop it back into the ribbon connector socket and secure.
Step 8 –Fit the alloy blanking place to the rear of the gimbal, yes this looks messy but the weight is required to balance the gimbal and it will also protect the ribbon cable.


Job Done.

Once fitted the GoPro slots straight back on to the gimbal, it still charges from the flight-battery, the video out-put appears to function just as it did before and the gimbal seems to function just fine.. On the ground anyway.. 🙂

All that is left to do now is to complete a flight-test and we’ll report back.

Thanks for reading!

Hero connector from GoodLuckBuy:


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