DJI Introduce new flight-saftey features to Phantom 2

Phantom Fly SafeTwo new flight safety features are to be introduced in the next Phantom 2 / Vision firmware update and its good to see that DJI appreciate that their own business could be at risk if too many silly people fly in the wrong places.

We’ve discussed the importance of observing ATZ’s and no fly zones before and after the recent UK prosecution of an FPV pilot its really brought home how serious ignoring the CAA guidance can be!

The DJI Phantom has become massively popular over the last couple of years and thousands of people have now found a new love for aerial photography so DJI have done the responsible thing and introduced a new set of safety features that will be deployed in the next Phantom 2 & Phantom Vision firmware updates:

No-Fly Zones

A database of restricted locations that will include airports from small to large will be stored on your flight-controller; for the larger international airports (Category A) once your Phantom has a GPS fix it will not even be able to function from inside a 1.5 mile radius of the airport (centre) its self, and if you managed to take off in-side this area without a GPS fix as soon as a fix is acquired the Phantom will attempt to slowly and safely land.

From 1.5 miles and up-to 5 miles away from the centre of the airport you will able to fly but the maximum altitude will be restricted between these points rising gradually from 35ft (10m) to 400ft (100m).

For smaller local airports (Category B) the initial no-fly zone will be with-in 0.6 miles of the airport (centre)  and a progressive altitude restriction will be applied just out-side of the zone.

If you are using the video or ground-station app you will be warned in advance as you approach these zones.

Height & Distance Limits

This has been a feature of the full-version Naza for a while now but DJI are introducing defaults (that can be modified) that will prevent your craft from flying over 1300ft or further than 1mile from the initial point of take-off.

In addition to these defaults they are also introducing a FIXED altitude restriction for MANUAL and ATTI flight modes that will prevent you from flying over 394ft (100m).

We personally feel these updates are a positive step and these kind of safety features must be introduced if this hobby is to continue without severe regulation.

Here is Michael from DJI to explain the new features:

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