Colin Guinn Seeks Injunction Against DJI

DJI_Innovations_CEO_Colin_Guinn_intervie_99283936_thumbnail[1]Colin Guinn who many of us know as the face and (and self-professed product innovator) of DJI Innovations is actually the CEO of his own subsidiary of DJI (Dijiang North America, LLC) and there appears to have been a falling out between DJI North America & DJI HongKong as a result of this Mr Guinn has “taken the proverbial ball home” by seeking a temporary injunction (On the 22nd of January 2014) against DJI HK to prevent them from trading with 31 authorised DJI main-retailers/resellers in the USA.

The court order does not prevent the listed retailers from selling DJI products it simply prevents them from importing more stock into the US; which if it is up-held could eventually render ‘official’ DJI products a rarity on US soil!.

We’re not entirely sure of the exact details of why Mr Guinn has had a commercial falling out with DJI HK but the reason for his injunction is stipulated as the fact he built up the current customer base for DJI HK (in the USA) and he believes he has been wrongly treated by DJI HK who have recently moved the US DJI operation from Texas (where Colin started it) to LA (apparently without Colin).

Note: This injuction does not effect the supply of DJI HK products to any other part of the world.

We’ll update this story if any more juicy details emerge!

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