Chroma LED controller by

With more and more race events requiring drones be fitted with LEDs for visibility, it is a bout time that someone came up with a simple solution to mounting and controlling them. The Chroma LED controller does just that. Small enough to mount inside nearly any racing drone, but simple enough that it makes changing colours and modes a none issue. Perfect for use at a drone race.

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Acehe Drone Battery review…..

drone_rules With drone racing progressing so fast, the limiting factor is currently the battery. Acehe have recently released a new series of drone racing li-po batteries. In this video i give my thought on the Acehe drone battery.

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ImmersionRC NexWaveRF UNO2400 Finally Released – With a Twist!

IMG_3166-1-001We have been waiting a year if not two for the release of the NexWaveRF range of 2.4ghz transmitters and receivers; the transmitters started shipping last month, the goggle modules started shipping last week and the UNO (sealed) version started shipping today and ImmersionRC have announced that they will be offering an ‘Unfiltered’ (pro) version.

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DJI Inspire 1 – Creativity Unleashed (Finally)

side_viewThe Inspire 1 was officially announced last night in a fashion that even Apple would be jealous of; Along with the live announcement a highly polished and well directed video was released featuring DJI’s Director of Photography. As much as we were disappointed by the fact the Inspire 1 doesn’t seem to be a direct replacement for the Phantom nor does it feature a solid-state (digitally stabilised) camera we are none-the-less blown away by its new features!

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DJI Zenmuse H3-3D GoPro Hero Connector Upgrade

goodluckbuy_hero_connectorIt does seem apparent that people are still miffed and upset about the introduction of the flimsy USB ribbon cable on the recently released DJI H3-3D gimbal and many had even sacrificed an old H3-2D so they could salvage the original Hero connector and use that on their new H3-3D gimbal to save having the inevitable “broken ribbon cable in the field” issue.

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ImmersionRC Announce EZAntenna Tracker v2

ezantennav2The EzAntenna product from ImmersionRC has always been an extremely good product and one of very few contenders to the FPV antenna tracker market however its presentation left a lot to be desired; the previous version was simply a heat-shrunk PCB with a LCD display, it was fragile and most builds ended up being rather messy. ImmersionRC have upped the game with a new ‘Version 2’ implementation of the EzAntennaTracker with a  fantastic new look and a great array of new features.

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