What you need to race drones……

With the drone racing hobby growing at a crazy rate, there are a lot of new comers looking to get started racing. This is a guide of what you need to race drones. I will try and keep all parts and links up to date as new components are released.

Quad: drone_rules Probably the most difficult choice in droneracing is deciding which race quad you would like to fly. There is a huge variety of choices and everyone has their favourite. A great starting point for a beginner is the trusted ZMR. It is an oldie, but it still holds up well to newer frames. The ZMR is cheap but robust and spares and upgrades are readily available, which is a key factor if you want to race.
For the more seasoned pilots who want a dedicated racing frame, the TSX by Stanton Frames and the Shrike by xLabs are two of the most popular frames ive seen on the race circuit.
A frame this is getting a lot of love for new comers at the moment is the Eachine Wizard, as it come with most of the things you need.

Click for ZMR Frame
Click for Stanton Frames
Click for xLabs
Click for Eachine Wizard

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Zenmuse H3-3D – Swapping the USB Ribbon Cable for the Hero Bus

h3_3d_02[1] When considering the low price tag (£250 GBP / $400 USD) The performance of the DJI Zenmuse H3-3D 3-axis gimbal is pretty mind-blowing!

The first version of the H3-3D we saw on the market (the V1) retained the same ‘Hero Bus’ port that was used on the original H3-2D gimbals which allowed you to simply ‘click’ your GoPro 3 or 3+ onto the camera plate and fit the retaining bracket; it was extremely tidy with no extra cables or connectors.

DJI have now released the V1.1 H3-3D and the first thing you’ll notice is that the Hero Bus has been dropped (rumour is DJI didn’t want to pay GoPro the license fee to use the Bus) and replaced with 10pin USB connector to provide power and live video output. Continue reading

FrSky Taranis Quick Start Guide

PDF Guide by Aloft Hobbies

Check out this fantastic guide that has been carefully written by the guys from Aloft Hobbies, it will help take the mystery out of the Taranis and get you to grips with even its most advanced features:

 aloft_262[2]“Welcome to Taranis.” You’ve likely already powered up your Taranis and probably are a little bit overwhelmed by all the screens and programming features. This quick start guide is meant to provide new users of the Taranis, like yourself, with an introduction to the display screen views and methods for navigating them using the menu buttons.

PDFDownload Link: http://www.alofthobbies.com/files/Taranis_Quick_Start_Guide.pdf

DJI Naza-M Idiots Guide

 So everyone has told you how amazing the DJI Naza is and how simple it is to configure but you’re struggling to get your multi-copter setup and flying and its driving you mental!

Ok I’m sorry to break this to you but they are right, it is genuinely really easy and hopefully this little guide will help you work out the little piece of the puzzle you have been missing.

Now we’re done with the formalities let’s get down to business and get you flying!

PDFDownload Link: http://www.ifpv.co.uk/pdf/Naza_idiots_guide.pdf

ImmersionRC EzAntenna Idiots Guide

IMMERSION-RC-EZ-ANTENNA-TRACKE-2[1] This guide will help you get your head around the mystical antenna tracker system from ImmersionRC. Its name suggests it should be easy to configure and use but in-fact many people have found it to be a bit of a head-ache, thankfully though once you do get it setup it is actually pretty simple to use

PDFDownload Link: http://www.ifpv.co.uk/pdf/EZAntenna_Idiots_Guide.pdf