DJI Phantom 2 + Zenmuse H3-2D Gimbal

phantom2zenmuseDJI have been keeping quiet about the vanilla version of the Phantom 2; maybe because they have simply been concentrating on marketing the Phantom 2 Vision so hard?

Unfortunately us “serious” users are really not interested in the Vision partly due to the single axis gimbal and mainly because it uses 5.8ghz control and relies on WIFI for the video down-link.

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Quad-Copters With Redundancy?

quad-redundancyWhile Quad-Copters remain one of the most popular and best value for money configurations when it comes to multi-copter builds they are also the most susceptible to “single point of failure” because currently no main-stream multi-copter flight controllers allow a quad-copter to fly on less than four propellers.

The redundancy features of a multi-copter aren’t such an issue for your hobbyist who is likely to be flying over a large empty field so the risk of injury or damage to property is very slim. However when it comes to commercial applications these craft will need proven fail-safes and redundancy to prevent members of the public being injured or their property being damaged.

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EFPV Antenna Tracker – Working Prototype

efpv_logoWe recently met the lads from Everything FPV at a local meet where we interviewed them about their new concept antenna tracker and now the EFPV lads have done it: Their concept antenna tracker system has become a proven product, there is no cast iron release date but we will definitely be listening with bated breath.

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XuGong Folding Quad-Copter

Every FPV pilot has dreamed of a setup they can literally throw in a bag and take to exotic & exciting locations without putting their back out lugging flight cases around or dangling a fragile quad-copter from their back-pack; but the reality is most smaller craft (albeit planes or multi-rotors) tend to be a little skittish and not generally suited to recording decent aerial footage.

ImmersionRC has come to the table with a possible solution: The XuGong folding quad-copter which is in essence a traditional X configuration quad-copter but each arm is hinged in the middle allowing it to fold back on its self so all of the motors can retreat to the centre of the craft for convenient transport.

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Phantom Vision Brushless Gimbal

The recent release of the DJI Phantom Vision had caused a bit of a stir amongst the serious hobbyists and FPV pilots: while its a great solution for someone looking to take their first steps into aerial photography or FPV its not really ticking all of the boxes for the more serious users who demand a brushless gimbal and due to the WIFI downlink for video (DJI have elected to use a 5.8Ghz RC system) means using traditional 2.4Ghz RC system could limit the range of the WIFI and there is no simple way to get a live video output for goggles or a larger screen.

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ImmersionRC EzAntenna Idiots Guide

IMMERSION-RC-EZ-ANTENNA-TRACKE-2[1] This guide will help you get your head around the mystical antenna tracker system from ImmersionRC. Its name suggests it should be easy to configure and use but in-fact many people have found it to be a bit of a head-ache, thankfully though once you do get it setup it is actually pretty simple to use

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EFPV & Their Concept Antenna Tracker

efpv_logoWe got the chance to speak to Rory from Everything FPV about their new antenna tracker product which is currently in a prototype stage.

The unit is uniquely constructed from CNC’ed polyurethane and is using tried & tested technology licensed directly from servo-city along with a super smooth load-bearing main bearing and internal slip ring allowing for restriction free wiring between your video receiver(s) and goggles/screen.


Here is our interview with Rory:

And here is the tracker in action:

eFPV’s Home Page :


Radio control systems – an overview

When it comes to your RC gear there are a variety of manufactures whom all have a large range of products for you to chose from and when you think that your RC gear will be one of the most important purchases you will make you can appreciate that choosing the right one for you is not a simple process.

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