DJI Release H3-3D 3-Axis GoPro gimbal

h3_3d_02[1]DJI have just announced the release of a 3-axis GoPro gimbal, again its under the Zenmuse brand so we are pretty much guaranteed it will be simple to install, insanely reliable and perform flawlessly.

So why do we need a 3-axis gimbal?

While the original Zenmuse H3-2D is among the very best of the GoPro gimbals it has always relied on the yaw control of the multi-copter it is attached to and for smaller craft like the Phantom yaw-wag can be a rather annoying issue.

Allowing the gimbal to stabilise the 3rd (yaw) axis you can achieve phenomenally stable footage even with a smaller form-factor budget craft.


  • 3-axis high performance gimbal
  • Strong, lightweight
  • Compatible with DJI flight control systems
  • Part of the Zenmuse family
  • Independent IMU
  • Online Upgrade

RRP is set to be around $490 (Approximately £300).

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