ImmersionRC EzUHF Module Antenna & RSSI Test

antennas2The FPV community have noticed a definite reduction in performance when comparing the reliable range of the new modular EzUHF  transmitter to the original stand-alone unit, the general theory is that due to the new unit being made of plastic there is insufficient ground-plane to help the transmitter work efficiently.

We decided to carry out a simple experiment to test different antennas and their resulting performance including a dipole antenna that would in essence give the transmitter the ground-plane is so desperately requires.

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Radio control systems – an overview

When it comes to your RC gear there are a variety of manufactures whom all have a large range of products for you to chose from and when you think that your RC gear will be one of the most important purchases you will make you can appreciate that choosing the right one for you is not a simple process.

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