NEW Mobius Action Camera Waterproof Housing

mobius_housing_whats_in_the_boxAfter a long delay Joovuu have finally released the much awaited water proof housing for the Mobius Action Cam (currently the budget HD video action camera of choice).

We’ve got our hands on one of the first and we’ve given it a quick test.

waterproofusbmobiusEdited July 16th 2014: JooVuu (The people behind this Water-Proof housing) are seeking pre-orders and support to manufacture a water-proof USB connection that will be compatible with this housing; for more details please visit the following link:

First Impressions

It certainly looks better than I was expecting for under £20, it also came with a spare lens & gasket set which was a nice touch, the instructions are clear and concise and the case feels quite heavy (50g) for its size (which isn’t a problem for most users but it Is certainly a factor for FPV users).

mobius_housing_gaskets mobius_housing_instructions

mobius_housing_leakI assembled the housing as per the instructions for the wide angle lens (so I could test the fitment of both lens gaskets). After assembly I tested the water-proofing of the housing (without the camera) in a sink full of water; I was disappointed to see bubbles being produced (an indication that the housing was leaking), clearly a water-proof housing that wasn’t very water-proof would be a bit of a let down!

Note: There is a very fine protective film over the lens that needs to be removed before to assemble the housing!

I decided to try applying a thin layer of Vaseline (commonly used to help seal gaskets) but again the housing leaked slightly.


After close inspection I noticed that the front and rear parts of the case were not aligned 100% so I adjusted them and tested again: SUCCESS! The housing no longer leaks! When I eventually inserted my Mobius camera it was obvious that the camera its self helps align the housing so its actually quite easy to get the two half’s seated correctly.


I haven’t had a chance to ‘test in the wild’ so to speak but I’ve recorded some random footage in my bath tub and a little bit out-doors; what I have noticed is the under-water footage looks good but when used outdoors the lens has no A/R coating and the sun does reflect off it quite badly (see images below).

mobius_housing_light_reflection mobius_housing_plug_hole
(Left: showing the reflection issues on the left of the lens. Right: submerged shot).

For the money its a water-proof case that if used carefully and correctly will protect your Mobius from being splashed or submerged in shallow water but at the sacrifice of video quality in normal conditions.

Buy it here:

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