ImmersionRC EzUHF Module Antenna & RSSI Test

antennas2The FPV community have noticed a definite reduction in performance when comparing the reliable range of the new modular EzUHF  transmitter to the original stand-alone unit, the general theory is that due to the new unit being made of plastic there is insufficient ground-plane to help the transmitter work efficiently.

We decided to carry out a simple experiment to test different antennas and their resulting performance including a dipole antenna that would in essence give the transmitter the ground-plane is so desperately requires.

The constants of the experiment are as follows:

  • RX: EzUHF 8 Channel Diversity
  • TX: EzUHF Taranis Module
  • TX & RX Firmware: v1.50
  • RX: Pair of sander Style monopoles.
  • Tested Range: 800m (Same position for each test).

The various TX antennas tested were:

  • ImmersionRC Factory ‘Rubber-duck’.
  • Diamond SRH771.
  • IB Crazy semi-ridged dipole.

RSSI & Packet loss results:

The lower the number the better the signal strength / connection; these are the ‘worst values’ we found at 800m.

ImmersionRC Factory ‘Rubber-duck’: 61

Diamond SRH771: 52

IB Crazy semi-ridged dipole: 49

And as a final test we tried a dipole at both ends which resulted in an RSSI reading of 43 so as you can see both ends definitely benefit from a ground-plane.

In summary the dipole made a noticeable difference over both of the mono-pole antennas, hopefully if the weather holds out while we head into autumn we can carry out a proper fail-safe test to work out the sort of comparable ranges we are seeing.






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