ImmersionRC Announce EZAntenna Tracker v2

ezantennav2The EzAntenna product from ImmersionRC has always been an extremely good product and one of very few contenders to the FPV antenna tracker market however its presentation left a lot to be desired; the previous version was simply a heat-shrunk PCB with a LCD display, it was fragile and most builds ended up being rather messy. ImmersionRC have upped the game with a new ‘Version 2’ implementation of the EzAntennaTracker with a  fantastic new look and a great array of new features.

Just in time for Xmas, we are proud to announce the big brother of our legacy EzAntennaTracker. This product is in stock ready for reseller orders.
This hybrid Ground Station/Antenna Tracker supports some serious servos, and can swing some high-gain antennas on any of the bands used for FPV up-links and down-links.


Changes include:

  • No more heat-shrink, no more messy cabling, no more external BEC
  • Professional aluminium enclosure with our signature ‘bumpers’
  • Single-wire connection to Uno/Duo receivers with the GS-Link connection (power, A/V, and control) (including all GS-Link equipped Uno/Duo products shipped to date!)
  • Control of Rx frequency and band, with direct readout in MHz on the LCD
  • 3A ‘quiet’ switching regulator to power connected servos 
  • Three Buffered A/V outputs to drive Goggles, DVRs, LCDs
  • USB port for setup and firmware upgrades
  • Alarms for loss of tracking, and low battery
  • 100% compatible with telemetry from the EzOSD, TinyTelemetry, and all upcoming ImmersionRC multicopter products.

MAP price: $99 USD

For more details please visit the ImmersionRC web site:

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