iMax X100 Intelligent Touch-Screen Battery Charger from HobbyKing

chargingThe all new X100 “Touch Screen” Charger is a feature packed bargain; at the time of writing this article it was available for $59.99 (USD) which equates to a few pennies over £40 (GBP) delivered to your door. The charger boasts a vast array of functions and offers a pretty impressive 100W output for a charger with an internal power supply.

menuThe full colour touch screen is so easy to use the included manual seems a bit of a waste of ink! The screen isn’t just a gimmick either a detailed graph of chare rate and battery conditions is displayed and other useful features include a USB charging output (5v 2.1A) and a USB connector for software upgrades.

Setting your charging parameters is a breeze and you can load and save charge profiles at the touch of a virtual button.

There are a couple of issues that do let the charger down: It tends to hit its over-voltage protection if you try to charge low capacity batteries at a high C rating also the fan can get very noisy which charging at currents over 4A.

After watching the video I know what you’re thinking… “So what’s it like in the field, can you read the screen in direct sun-light?” – Well you see for yourself:


• 3″ inch Touch Screen TFT display
• 32 bit processor
• Multiple language interface
• USB Port
• Supports 6 different types of battery chemistry
• Up to 6S Lithium
• Max charge rate 8 amps
• Built in AC Power Supply, also supports DC power

Touch Screen: 3.0-inch 400 x 240 px
Operating Voltage Range: 11.0~28.0V
AC Input: 11~240V
Circuit Power: Max 100W (charging) and Max 10W (discharging)
Charge Current Range: 0.1~8A
Discharge Current Range: 0.1~3A
Current Drain For Balancing LiPo: 300mAh / Cell
Lithium Battery Cell Count: 1~6 series
NiCd / NiMh Battery Cell Count: 1~16 Cells
Pb Battery Voltage: 2 to 24V
Dimension: 148 x 140 x 48mm
Weight: 560g

Package includes:
X100 Charger
Red Black Wire Lead
XT60 Charge Lead
Alligator Clips
Stylus for Touch Screen
US AC Input Cord

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