House of Lords calls for UK Drone Register

drone_licenseThe House of Lords EU Committee are considering which rules should be introduced for the safe use of UAVs and it has also recommended that all UAV/Drone pilots should be registered.

This move appears to mainly be industry focused with the initial requirement for all commercial & professional users to be registered first.

The UK government anticipates that the UK ‘Drone Industry’ could create hundreds of thousands of new jobs over the next few years and believe the regulation of these devices is important to safe-guard the industries future.

There have only been a handful of high-profile UAV/Drone accidents or safety infringements unlike the rest of Europe which has seen some more serious incidents.

Some of the other safety focused recommendation included:

  • Clearer guidance given to the police as to how they should enforce existing safety rules
  • More guidance to be given to commercial drone operators about levels of insurance cover they would require.
  • Greater use of GPS geo-fencing To prevent drones from taking off in or flying to sensitive or restricted locations. This could include airports, prisons and other high risk sites
  • The use of an official mark (CE, kite mark or other logo) to denote drones that have been classed as safe to use

Its uncertain if any future government lead regulation will remove the responsibility from the CAA and its even less certain if that is a positive move or not!

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