DJI Triumph T600 / Inspire 1 – The Phantom V3 ?

inspire1_mockupThe Phantom V2 is getting a little long in the tooth and rumours about a new DJI product have begun flying around, supposedly it has been dubbed the DJI Triumph or DJI Inspire 1 which rumours also suggest will be the Phantom V3?.

The DJI Inspire 1 has now been officially announced, please CLICK HERE for more details.


As always with rumours like this nothing (other than a release date) has yet been officially confirmed by DJI but as we’ve come to learn from many other technology companies some times these rumours are created on purpose and some times they are totally fictional but damn its fun to speculate!.

Update 8th November: There have been more “leaks” of information including photos (its becoming apparent that the Inspire 1 is a quad-copter) and some technical details of the retracting booms/arms which allow the Inspire 1 to have a relatively low profile but once in flight it appears the fuselage can change its centre of gravity (by lowering or raising the booms) allowing the camera to avoid the legs/props:

inspire1_large_bw inspire1_mech1 inspire1_mech2


Alleged leaked photo of DJI Inspire 1 testingUpdate 6th November: The plot thickens! DJI have released a “teaser video” for the new Inspire 1 product, it doesn’t give much away but its really giving off a different vibe with the un-folding V-shape that is referenced in the video and if we also look back at the curious air-frame photo from the FCC application (see below) you can even see that the air-frame looks like it might be fixed wing or maybe even a tri-copter rather than the traditional quad or hex offering we’ve come to expect from DJI?.

To confuse matters even more there have been photos of some DJI testing circulating which appear to show a H-shaped Quad-copter (see the photo at the beginning of this article); Either way we’ll all find out on the 12th of November!

DJI Inspire 1.

inspire1_3Images from FCC Application.

Update 4th November 2014: DJI have recently submitted an application to the FCC (the body that regulates radio communications in the USA)  for a product called “DJI Inspire 1” with a  model number of T600 (Could this be an indication of the size?) . The application covers a 2.4ghz digital transmission system which we can assume is the radio-control link for the product in question (FCC ID: SS3-WM6101410).

So the question now stands: What new products are we going to see a DJI Triumph or a DJI Inspire 1, or maybe even both one being a replacement for the Phantom and the other a new suite of ground-station software/products?!?

The details so-far mentioned in the rumours are:

  • The product will be called DJI Triumph Inspire 1.
  • It will be a H shaped Quad-copter.
  • The arms/booms will mechanically lower/lift to allow clearance for the camera.
  • It will utilise a 6S (22.2v) intelligent Battery.
    (The Phantom V1 and V2 both use a 3S / 11.1v battery).
  • Of course it will have a camera with 3 axis stabilisation.
    (But who knows if it will be digital or mechanical?).
  • Integrated HD Video downlink (DJI Lightbridge).
  • New NAZA/AP system with Integrated Waypoint feature (Datalink).
  • New Android APP.
  • Flight recording capabilities.

Apparent screen shots of the new android app have also surfaced, it appears to be a fully fledged ground-control app with interactive map’s and the additional ability to configure/tweak the craft:

Screenshot from DJI Triumph Android application.

Screenshot from DJI Triumph Android application.

If you know anything else please get in touch as we’re itching to find out if this is all true!


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