DJI Phantom 2 + Zenmuse H3-2D Gimbal

phantom2zenmuseDJI have been keeping quiet about the vanilla version of the Phantom 2; maybe because they have simply been concentrating on marketing the Phantom 2 Vision so hard?

Unfortunately us “serious” users are really not interested in the Vision partly due to the single axis gimbal and mainly because it uses 5.8ghz control and relies on WIFI for the video down-link.

However in the background DJI are obviously working on something as three separate web-sites (that I could find so far) are offering pre-order or pricing details for the Phantom 2 and Zenmuse H3-2D combos:

Build Your Own Drone:

UAV Products:

Quadcopters UK–h3-2d-zenmuse-gimbal-combo-1186-p.asp

Not only will this new version bring to the table the possibility of 25 minute flight times, it also utilises the Naza-M V2 and a phantom specific CAN-BUS hub which will allow the use of various DJI add-ons without having to squeeze extra units into the main-body of the craft.

Officially released on the 17th of December: There still no official word on when these deals are likely to be available in stores but I for one have just pre-ordered mine! 😀

“DJI Phantom 2 Promotion”

Don’t forget if you were a Phantom (original version) customer before the 9th September (when it was at its original higher price) you are eligible for a 150USD discount on the purchase of a new Phantom 2 or Phantom 2 Vision.

For more details on this offer:

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