House of Lords calls for UK Drone Register

drone_licenseThe House of Lords EU Committee are considering which rules should be introduced for the safe use of UAVs and it has also recommended that all UAV/Drone pilots should be registered.

This move appears to mainly be industry focused with the initial requirement for all commercial & professional users to be registered first.

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UK First successful prosecution of an FPV Pilot

I suppose we all knew it was inevitable, one unlucky soul would be made an example of and an unfortunate precedent set for everybody else.

Robbie Knowles has been successfully prosecuted by the CAA and handed a hefty fine after his craft lost contract and headed into protected air-space. Continue reading

Colin Guinn Seeks Injunction Against DJI

DJI_Innovations_CEO_Colin_Guinn_intervie_99283936_thumbnail[1]Colin Guinn who many of us know as the face and (and self-professed product innovator) of DJI Innovations is actually the CEO of his own subsidiary of DJI (Dijiang North America, LLC) and there appears to have been a falling out between DJI North America & DJI HongKong as a result of this Mr Guinn has “taken the proverbial ball home” by seeking a temporary injunction (On the 22nd of January 2014) against DJI HK to prevent them from trading with 31 authorised DJI main-retailers/resellers in the USA.

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