iSeries Drone Racing

The UK Drone Show and the Insomnia Gaming Festival have joined forces in a three year joint venture to develop the first Indoor RCsports drone racing series in Europe…..


iSeries Rush 2017

PosTeamPointsEvents AttendedBest Finish
1Brett Collis6131st
1Richard Whelan6132nd
3Leo Whitfield5833rd
4Daniel Peters5031st
5Marc Booth4833rd
6Luke Bannister4521st
7Jonathan Rogers4334th
8Gary Kent4122nd
9Oliver Peters3935th
10Harry Plested3633rd
11James Bowles3327th
11Warren Jeffs33311th
13Adam Blackburn3234th
14Alfie Mitchell3032nd
15Matthew Evans2929th
16Elliot Naseby2429th
17Philip Brown18210th
18Jon Hall1738th
18Jonathan Timms17213th
20Aqil Jannaty15214th
20Karl Eze15313th
22Ashleigh Sparrow13111th
23Jake Foreman12112th
23Lee Eddison12312th
23Niall Hatton12315th
26James Page11318th
27Jake Kendall-Torry10114th
28Matthew Hellier8116th
28Richard Bloxam8216th
30Adam Gooch7217th
30Christof Knight7117th
32Richard Leigh5219th
33Philip Trifunovic4220th
34Jack Green3121st
35Hassan Anjum1123rd
35Matt Brimfield1123rd
37Adam Haque0131st
37Ben Drew0137th
37Ben Williamson0224th
37Brian Barrett0235th
37Carlos Costa0329th
37Chris Morley0227th
37Ed Brooks0138th
37Glen Williams0136th
37James Rodgers0136th
37Janis Anderson0139th
37Karl Martin0140th
37Lee Underwood0125th
37Mark Graves0231st
37Mark Hogwarth0130th
37Martin Miller0128th
37Matt Curtis0136th
37Matthew Ollier0326th
37Scott Powell0130th
37Shane Watkins0135th
37Szymon Sowa0136th
37Tom Smith0124th
37Tony Dixon0225th