Chroma LED controller by

With more and more race events requiring drones be fitted with LEDs for visibility, it is a bout time that someone came up with a simple solution to mounting and controlling them. The Chroma LED controller does just that. Small enough to mount inside nearly any racing drone, but simple enough that it makes changing colours and modes a none issue. Perfect for use at a drone race.

Check out the video for more information.

Subscribe to the iFPV drone racing calendar.

If you would like to subscribe to the iFPV drone racing calendar so you receive emails of new events added then please follow the instructions below.

First CLICK HERE to open the calendar in google.

Then click on the “+Google calendar” link in the bottom right hand corner to add the iFPV drone racing calendar to your google calendar as pictured below.


Once you have the iFPV calendar added to yours. Click on the little drop down arrow on the right of “UK FPV Drone Racing Calendar” and go to “Edit Notifications” as pictured below.


Or if you are a mobile user click the drop down menu to the right of “other calendars” and then select “settings”. Once the settings page opens click “edit notifications” for the UK Drone Racing calendar. As pictured below.



Then finally turn on all the notifications you would like to receive in the section pictured below.


You should now receive emails every time a new event is added to the UK Drone Racing calendar so you will never miss an event again.

Can you learn to fly a drone on a simulator?

Can you learn to fly a drone on a simulator?

When giving advice to new comers, many pilots always say to get a decent simulator first. The theory being if you spend a few weeks crashing on the simulator and building up your muscle memory of how to fly it should pay for itself pretty quickly.

We put this theory to the test with Jack “Denby” Smith. A gamer we met at Insomnia58 when he got addicted to Did his practice on the simulator pay off? Have a look at his story.

Acehe Drone Battery review…..

drone_rules With drone racing progressing so fast, the limiting factor is currently the battery. Acehe have recently released a new series of drone racing li-po batteries. In this video i give my thought on the Acehe drone battery.

If you would like to see more of this type of review please let us know either bu the “contact us” page, or by commentating on the YouTube video.

What you need to race drones……

With the drone racing hobby growing at a crazy rate, there are a lot of new comers looking to get started racing. This is a guide of what you need to race drones. I will try and keep all parts and links up to date as new components are released.

Quad: drone_rules Probably the most difficult choice in droneracing is deciding which race quad you would like to fly. There is a huge variety of choices and everyone has their favourite. A great starting point for a beginner is the trusted ZMR. It is an oldie, but it still holds up well to newer frames. The ZMR is cheap but robust and spares and upgrades are readily available, which is a key factor if you want to race.
For the more seasoned pilots who want a dedicated racing frame, the TSX by Stanton Frames and the Shrike by xLabs are two of the most popular frames ive seen on the race circuit.
A frame this is getting a lot of love for new comers at the moment is the Eachine Wizard, as it come with most of the things you need.

Click for ZMR Frame
Click for Stanton Frames
Click for xLabs
Click for Eachine Wizard

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