So, what are the RULES?

The UK Air-space is generally controlled and regulated by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) whose main job is to safe-guard civil and commercial aircraft by enforcing the Air Navigation Order (ANO).

Along with civil and commercial aircraft the CAA is also currently responsible for regulating the use of small unmanned un-manned aerial vehicles (SUAVs) which remote control air-craft fall under the guise of.

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House of Lords calls for UK Drone Register

drone_licenseThe House of Lords EU Committee are considering which rules should be introduced for the safe use of UAVs and it has also recommended that all UAV/Drone pilots should be registered.

This move appears to mainly be industry focused with the initial requirement for all commercial & professional users to be registered first.

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A Naughy little Naza Lite Upgrade

naza_m_lite[1]It wasn’t going to be long until somebody worked out how to change the boot-loader on the Naza-M Lite so that it would accept the Naza-M “full-fat” firmware; I’m sure DJI won’t approve but if you’re happy to risk bricking your Naza-M Lite you could end up with its big brother at no additional cost.

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ImmersionRC NexWaveRF UNO2400 Finally Released – With a Twist!

IMG_3166-1-001We have been waiting a year if not two for the release of the NexWaveRF range of 2.4ghz transmitters and receivers; the transmitters started shipping last month, the goggle modules started shipping last week and the UNO (sealed) version started shipping today and ImmersionRC have announced that they will be offering an ‘Unfiltered’ (pro) version.

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DJI Inspire 1 – Creativity Unleashed (Finally)

side_viewThe Inspire 1 was officially announced last night in a fashion that even Apple would be jealous of; Along with the live announcement a highly polished and well directed video was released featuring DJI’s Director of Photography. As much as we were disappointed by the fact the Inspire 1 doesn’t seem to be a direct replacement for the Phantom nor does it feature a solid-state (digitally stabilised) camera we are none-the-less blown away by its new features!

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